UCF Environmental Engineering Students Participation in Florida’s Annual Water Conference Earn Awards


Description UCF Environmental Engineering graduate and undergraduate students together with their faculty advisor Dr. Steve Duranceau attended, presented and competed at the 2016 Florida Section of the American Water Works Association’s conference held between November 28 and December 1 at the Renaissance Sea World Orlando Resort. This is the 90th year that this premier drinking water conference has been held in Florida.

Paper Presentations
  • Graduate student Angela Rodriguez presented the paper “Managing the Integration and Operation of Granular Activated Carbon and Spray Aeration into a Purveyors Treatment Portfolio.
  • Faculty member Dr. Duranceau presented the paper “Evaluating Tray-Aerator Recirculation within a Groundwater Storage Tank for Trihalomethane Removal.

Poster Presentations
  • Graduate student Benjamin Yoakum presented the poster “Assessment of Biologically-Active Carbon Filtration Treating a Sulfide-laden Central Florida Groundwater for Disinfection By-Product Precursor Removal.
  • Graduate student Carlyn Higgins presented the poster “Investigating he Reduction of Sulfuric Acid Pretreatment for a Nanofiltration Membrane Process Treating a Surficial Florida Groundwater.”
  • Graduate student Jonathan Ousley presented the poster “Evaluation of Water Quality in a Central Florida Groundwater Supply and Distribution System for Disinfection By-Product Control Using Spectrofluorometry.
  • Undergraduate student Cassidy Conover presented the poster “Energy and Operating Cost Analysis Comparing Spiral-Wound and Hollow-Fiber Nanofiltration Pilot Systems.” (photo not shown)
Awards Received at Conference
UCF graduate students Martin Coleman (left), Jessica Cormier (center) and Benjamin Yoakum (right) each won a 2016 Roy Likins Scholarship to support their graduate education ranging in the amounts of between $2,500 to $5,000. Congratulations Martin, Jessica and Ben!

UCF graduate students Benjamin Yoakum (left), Angela Rodriguez (center) and Carlyn Higgins (right) won the 2016 State of Florida Water Bowl, a state-wide competition that featured several teams from the University of Florida and UCF.