CFX won an international award


Through partnership between CFX and UCF's research team lead by Professor Al-Deek to combat wrong way driving problem in Central Florida, CFX was able to win a prestigious award in the area of toll operations, engineering & maintenance, by IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association). This is a worldwide competitive excellence award.

Toll Operations, Engineering & Maintenance
Central Florida Expressway Authority
Wrong-Way Driving Pilot Program

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) is the worldwide association representing toll facility owners and operators and the businesses that serve them.

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IBTTA’s Toll Excellence Awards recognize the very best projects and programs the international tolling industry has to offer. Each year, we celebrate IBTTA agency and private sector members whose creative, innovative and positive programs set a new standard of excellence. By providing wide recognition for a job well done, the Toll Excellence Awards speed up the transmission of new ideas and emerging practices throughout the industry and to the driving public.
WRONG WAY RRFB Assembly in Field (Photo taken by the UCF Research Team)
Activation of RRFB from Outside Vehicle (Photo Courtesy CFX)

Activation of RRFB from Inside SUV Driving the Wrong Way (Photo taken by the UCF Research Team)



In the news

Channel 13 News July 14, 2016

New wrong way warning signs, equipped with special sensors, are going up all along highways in Central Florida.
  • UCF professor-designed Wrong Way signs
  • Meant to warn drivers, FHP
  • Going up at several exit ramps on major roads

In 2012, University of Central Florida Professor Haitham Al-Deek teamed up with the Expressway Authority to improve their current warning signs.

Dr. Al-Deek worked with CFX on improving their design that resulted in a new design signs with sensors which can detect when someone has gotten onto the off-ramp at high-risk locations.

They determined which locations were high risk based on information from the Expressway Authority and the Florida Department of Transportation. The research including a variety of factors, including wrong way citations and traffic accidents.

Now, when someone is traveling in the wrong direction at the locations which have the signs, a light will flash and pictures of the vehicle heading the wrong way are sent to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Since implementation, 21 vehicles went the wrong way at on-ramps at State Road 408 at Kirkman, and at Hiawassee, as well as State Road 528 and State Road 520. All of those vehicles were warned with flashing lights, and successfully turned around before encountering oncoming traffic.

"It's been shown to be effective so far," Professor Al-Deek said. "We want to make the roadways safer."

The Expressway Authority was the first to install these signs, and already has plans for installing them at 29 more locations along their roadways. Florida's Turnpike officials are discussing installing the signs, as well.

However, the signs come with a hefty price tag, costing about $50,000 to $80,000 per ramp. We were told the Expressway Authority hopes to have all 29 new sites equipped with these new sensor signs by the end of 2017.

Channel 9 News July 14, 2016
video clip on Channel 13