UCF Water First Seminars - Fall 2017


Civil Engineering:

Wednesday, August 30 1:00 PM - ENG2, 202A
Dr. Talea Mayo (Assistant Professor, UCF CECE)
Title: Hurricane storm surge modeling: prediction, risk analysis, and uncertainty

Wednesday, September 27 1:00 PM - ENG2, 202A
Dr. Steven Duranceau (Professor, UCF CECE)
Title: 321,605,012 Reasons to Research Drinking Water

Wednesday, October 25 1:00 PM - ENG2, 202A
Dr. Kelly Kibler (Assistant Professor, UCF CECE)
Title: Flow-biota interaction in living shoreline restorations: are mangroves as tough as a seawall?

Wednesday, November 29 1:00 PM - ENG2, 202A
Dr. Thomas Wahl (Assistant Professor, UCF CECE)
Title: Sea-level rise and storm surges, relationship status: complicated!