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All software is offered as a zip file and requires PKUNZIP to decompress. All software downloadable from this page is freeware and can be freely distributed as such.

IDF - Intensity Duration Frequency

Intensity Duration Frequency Curve Viewer

LOOPS - Hardy Cross Pipe Analysis

LOOPS for Windows (version 1.02) FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE


SMADA - Stormwater Management and Design Aid

SMADA for Windows (updated 11-5-97) FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE.

SMADA for DOS Installation Package

SMADA C++ Version, WINSMADA (1993 version)

This is the SMADA version containing the C++ version of DISTRIB, HYDGEN, PONDER, and the FHWA Pollutant Loading Model. C++ code for domain routines is also available.

Stormwater Management Text Programs Download - These Programs accompany the text Stormwater Management, Wanielista and Yousef, 1993

Florida DOT Storm Sewers

Warning ! this program is a beta release - it has currently undergoing testing and debugging. It performs all calculation for design of storm sewers using the standard set by the Florida Department of Transportion. Bug information should be sent to reaglin@mail.ucf.edu Please include version date with any bug information, the version date is the same as the time stamp date on the excecutable.

FDOT Sewer Design (Windows) - FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE dated 11/30/98

On-Line documentation - This link (will) contain information about how to use the FDOT sewer program.

Gradually Varied Flow Profiler

Surface Profile Calculator (Windows) - FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE

Recommended Shareware And Other Software Used At UCF

OCAD for Windows

Links To Other Software Used At UCF (personal favorites)

General Software